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This page will be for any pseudo-canon literature. Diaries, vignettes and Penny Dreadfuls for your perusal.


Penny Dreadfuls

Notable Adventure Stories

Notable Horror Stories

Notable Zeppelin Stories

Notable Scientific Romance Stories

Songs from the Federated Nations

They Call The Wind M'riah

The Bell Struck

Stories and Plays from The Order of Corellis

(These stories and plays are generally designed to be performed not read) Endevour's Miss Fortune (summary)

The Man of Many Colours (summary)

The Rosebush (in full)

The Troubles Of Miss Baker (summary)

To Love, Honour and Be True (summary)

The Midean Cycle

(A series of plays produced at the Imperial Playhouse, designed to introduce Midean religion and culture to a Northern audience.)

The Birth Of Ahriman

The Death Of The Sunsworn

The First Djinn

The Temptation Of The Sultan

Stories from The Northern Tribes

The Blight of Brinsdale

The Lady of Tanakey Rock

The Mound Builders

The Wendigo

Tales and Songs from The Eastern Mountains

All On The High C'Mell

Bride Merazaphine

C'Mellian Delight

Flag of the Mountains

The Coward of the Rive Land

The Doctor in Gohongo

The Dying of the Green

The Founding of Grosbeck

The Rape of the Nun

The Tale of Myron's Bazaar

Songs From The South

The Gambler


Fiction about the characters of Ether that isn't necessarily available in the gameworld.

The Electronomicon - Collection of short stories and artwork starring Elva. E. Tesla!

Tales from the Darkness - {Ongoing} A short novel project set in Vykeria.

Crossing the Desert

Leaving Midea

The Last Dark Night

The First Bright Dawn

With Divine Power


In Memoriam


In His Image


Memorable Quotes

Quotes Page

Between the Fire and the Darkness