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The Federated Nations

The City States and Principalities that make up the Federated Nations are a varied lot. Almost every culture is represented within the borders of the Federation; from monarchies to republics, theocracies to communist nations. They are bound by newly forged democratic principles and a united wish for peace in our time.

  • The Citystate of Ot - The oldest and greatest city in the world. Ot was the heart of the Empire of Man and has remained the capitol ever since. Now a sprawling metropolis, the city houses nearly six million people of all walks of life and is the centre of government for the Federated Nations.

Member Nations

In addition to the Imperial Houses the Federated Nations is made up of sixteen nations.


A temperate coastal realm warmed by the infernal winds from the south, the people of Ambitus were the first sailors of Ether. Since their conquest by the Empire, they became extraordinary shipwrights and tradesmen as well as continuing their rich tradition of swashbucklers and explorers.


The birthplace of Otthermain, Castallia has enjoyed an unbroken age of peace since the Empire. It boasts a number of universities, collegiums as well as being the only nation to hold Olympiads.


Bordering the desert to the north and eking out an existence amongst the ruins, Cesenis is a commerce hub of the north. Forgotten treasures and tombs litter the landscape, some better left undisturbed.


Industrial centre of the Federated Nations where life and labour are cheap. Work is plenty but deep in the mines, ancient atrocities have come to light.


A proud race of warriors once famous for their dragonriders who refused to bend the knee to Otthermain. Modern Drakenheim is fiercely protective of its heritage and are one of the loudest voices in the Federated Nations.

  • Hindenburg - a small quarrying town in the south east


From the highland clans suppressed during the Empire was born the nation of Galatia. These civilised celtic folk can boast a long tradition of many great warriors and poets not descended from Imperial lineage.

New Mortuum

A necropolis that stretches to the very heavens, New Mortuum is home to the Pelathian faith. The fields surrounding the city are amongst the most fertile in the world, nourished by the thousands of dead lying beneath.


What was once a peaceful duchy bordering on Macia has now become a poverty-stricken feudal kingdom through the actions of the Duke. Now his 'widow', the Broken Queen rules over the ashes of a once proud kingdom.


Formerly ruled by the insane Progenitor and his legions of Meldings, a recent revolution has placed the decimated country under the control of the Brood and their mysterious leader, Eve.

The Clan Highlands

A windswept, rain-soaked and hilly land populated by the clans. Territorial and isolationist, no serious attempt to conquer this land has ever been made simply because nobody wants it. The ferocity of their armies is a thing of legend as is their tradition of 'woading'.

The Northern Kingdoms

As reward for their loyal service, Otthermain granted the Honoured Hundred lands in the north to rule as their own. Although the Empire is no more, the Northern Kingdoms still stand as a collection of monarchies, fiefs, principalities and republics. After the revolution the entire region has fallen to in-fighting and land disputes.

The Republic of Gerance

One of the first nations to elect their leaders, the Republic of Gerance flourished during the Renaissance. Made famous by their universities and classical architecture, Gerance is a cultural wonder.

  • Attica - Capital

The Riverlands

Little more than a collection of villages and townships, the folk of the Riverlands are a peaceful and conservative lot. Many of the Small Gods are worshipped in this region such as Ayleana.

The Tribelands

A dusty expanse to the north where the spirits hold sway. Protected by the tribes of man, these deeply spiritual people worship the primal Totems.


Ruled over by an ancient royal line, the people of Vykeria live in the constant shadow of the mountains. The peasants toil whilst the nobility sup in their castles but at night, both rich and poor are plagued by horrific monsters.

  • Morthelm - Capital


The Great Woods are home to the numerous beastkin of Ytesium. Once a socialist society, the bonds of friendship have been tested by war and catastrophe against the mysterious Sidhe.

Independant Nations and Cultures

  • Dunkeld - An independent culture of barbarians who dwell in the mountains to the south. They war constantly with the orcs and wear their skin as trophies.
  • Kha'at - The orcish empire of Kha'at is a cruel, barbaric land ruled over by the Khan, a warlord so feared he has united the eastern tribes into the first orcish civilisation.
  • The C'mell - A drab land of shepherds and agrarians, the Church of Otthermain has made this the site of their Citadel and heart of the new faith.
  • The Desolate Moor - A stinking swampland filled with curious ruins and elemental horror.
  • The Ice Plains - Endless frozen wastes from which few explorers return.
    • Dominion of Persis - One of the few civilisations on the Ice Plains, a theocracy of Persis, the Goddess of Purity and the Hunt.
  • The South - Dusty demon-filled plains where the only law is what you can enforce at the end of a gun.
    • Midean, the Kingdom of Brass and Shadow - Behind the Sigil Wall lies the chosen people of Ahriman.
  • Tribes of Man - Those who have chosen to follow the old ways and live outside of civilisation.
  • Velenia - Once a proud race of warriors, the Velenians were broken by the war and now seek glorious deaths to rejoin their people in the afterlife.

The Darkwest

A perilous continent shrouded in mystery as well as an endless storm.

Other Cultures and Races of Note

Very little is known about the Artixian race. They live up in the Great Eastern Mountains, the edge of the world as far as most people are concerned. One thing that can be said is that they are not a product of natural evolution. Their skin is metallic, and gems and crystals grow from them. One thing can be said, when it comes to technology, and Essence manipulation, they are without peer. Luckily they are not an aggressive race, and some of the Eastern Nations of the Alliance trade with the Artixians for ores and precious metals. The Artixians have a rigid class system, and more recently, Artixians have been found moving into the alliance to find something different for themselves. No one, not even the Artixians, are sure as to why some are only now beginning to have ideas and notions outside their station.

The Ogres of Ether tend to like the hardier climates. The larger tribes can be found in the North, living in or near the edges of the Great Northern Desert though the odd tribe can be found throughout the Heartlands. Ogres are very spiritualistic, venerating spirits of the land. They are led by shamans and oracles. The few times the Ogre tribes have been moved to conflict there has been little to stand in their way. With superhuman strength and resilience, it is perhaps fortunate the Ogres are a peaceful people.