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The Planes


This is the realm of Ether and what most consider the physical world inhabited by the races of the Federated Nations.

The Elemental Planes

Five spheres of reality which overlap to form the Material Plane. The elemental planes are realms of pure energy inhabited by elemental beings.

The Astral

An uncharted horizon of dreams and imagination, to explore the furthest reaches of which is to go mad.

The Shadowlands

The space between Planes, the Shadow is an eerie reflection of the physical world inhabited by spirits.

The Underworld

The realm of the dead.


The realm of demons. Nothing is known about this place other than any being foolish enough to journey there has never returned.

The Divine Realms

A reality shaped by the whims of the gods who inhabit them, they are Heaven and Hell.


Arcane mages of Ether can hear something that most other cannot: The Whispers and Song of Creation. It is through 'understanding' this mysterious force that mages are able to perform the incredible feats they are renowned and feared for. It is through hearing this they can cast magic and channel mana. Unfortunately the mortal mind was not built to deal with these things and mages are slowly driven insane by these whispers. When a mage finally breaks, they become an Aberrant and are hunted by the Arcane Inquisition.

As each mage hears the arcane song differently, their take on magic is unique. It is through repeating words they hear and motions they just seem to know they can cast a spell. To form a reliable spell though takes study, hard work and memorisation.

The Three Major Schools of Magic and their Specialisations:


Elemental magic deals with primal forces from the elemental planes.They tend to hear the whispers as reflections of their chosen element and as a result their instabilities are often connected to their elemental persuasion.

  • Fire, Water, Earth, Air, Force.


Necromancy deals with matters of the flesh and life,both mending or destroying it. Dark Necromancy is the power of corrupting flesh, causing wounds and disease and weakening people. Light Necromancy is all about mending flesh, fixing wounds and removing detrimental effects as well as strengthening people. Soul Necromancy or True Necromancy is the ability to manipulate the spiritual essence of another. The practice of True Necromancy is considered heresy by the churches of Pelath and to a lesser extent Otthermain and has rarely been practised in the last thousand years.

  • Dark, Light.


This is magic that affects the mind. Memory is the manipulation of recollection and education, allowing powerful neuromancers the ability to reduce their enemies to drooling wrecks. Neuromancers who specialise in Control are capable of exerting their will over others, forcing them into doing their bidding. Finally there are those who learn Emotion control to manipulate the feelings of others. Love, hate and even obsession are their tools often making them the most dangerous of all neuromancers.

  • Memory, Control, Emotion

Ritual Magic

An outdated and inefficient form of spellcraft, ritual magic is also the oldest. Through applications of magical theory and exorbitant amounts of power even the most common of working folk could achieve a magical effect. However the sheer power involved for even the slightest effect, usually a feat easily achieved by even the weakest mage, means that ritual magic has fallen to the wayside of magical learning.

Divine Miracles

Through devout faith and service, a mortal being may be blessed by the Gods of Ether with a tiny portion of that God's powers. These people, known as Divine Channellers, can wield a massive array of powers but all are Linked to the God they worship. Shamans of the Tribes of Ether can also ask for blessings from the totem spirits in a similar way.