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Celestial Bodies

The planet of Ether is orbited by two larger spheres, Sol and Luna. Sol is a gigantic sphere of light and energy. Some believe that Sol is some kind of massive fire elemental whilst others think that it is chemical in nature. Luna meanwhile appears to be a huge sphere of solid rock. The most powerful telescopes on Ether have noted an unusual smoothness to portions of the Luna surface.


The world you live upon. Ether is at the heart of a perfect circular orbit of both Luna and Sol. The angle of the celestial body and the rotation of the two satellites divides daylight and night into approximately equal length. It has been proven by charting the star signs that Ether itself spins upon an axis though the precise angle is unknown. This causes seasonal shifts from harvest to planting season.

Ether's magnitude has been calculated to be many times larger than what has been explored. This was first theorised by Ludwig Cartes, astronomer, scientist and inventor of Cartesian mathematics that enabled the commercial use of Portal Circles. However since then many scientists, fringe and otherwise, have published alternate theories claiming that Ether is flat. This theory is widely debunked as horizons clearly prove the planet is curved if not entirely spherical. Debate is likely to rage until the planet is successfully circumnavigated. Or not.


The study of the heavens and the constellations. One of the oldest fields of scientific study in the world it has produced countless advances in agriculture, navigation and even the foundation of the Empire. The Imperial Calendar is still used after a thousand years and even before that tribes measured the passage of celestial bodies to gauge time.

It is theorised that either Ether or the heavens above are in a consistent state of rotation. The sun and moon rise and fall creating day and night respectively.

During their respective months the light of a constellation grows in intensity until the middle of the month at which point it will begin to decline. There are innumerable theories as to why this is but none have been proven. Many believe that a child born under a particular constellation is destined for greatness in a particular field. For instance a child born under the sign of the Zealot may be expected to join the clergy in certain communities. Such things are considered folk lore rather than scientific fact.

Astronomy is a popular hobby amongst noble women and men. Although expensive, telescopes are sold throughout the Federated Nations.

The Calendar

The calendar of Ether is based primarily on the ascendant constellation at the time. During its month a specific constellation will shine brighter than any other celestial body except for Crystal Week where they are blaze with heavenly light.

There are seven days to week, and four weeks to a month. There are sixteen months in the year. The 1st day of the 1st month is always a new moon. Though it is usual across the Federated Nations for the Imperial Calendar to be used there are traces of older, regional calendars in some places.

The Star Signs

Images of the constellations can be found here along with their Old Imperial titles.