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Adventurers and heroes, explorers and legends; the League has a long and distinguished roster. An organisation dedicated to the betterment of mankind and uncovering the secret history of the world have since made history of their own. Turning the tide of the world's greatest war, thwarting eldritch evils from the dawn of time and ushering in a new age of heroism - their achievements are as legendary as they numerous.

As the year begins to close, Lady Amaze invites friends of the League, past and present, to attend a lavish party at Maze Manor in Galatia. The ancestral home of her family, it has become a repository for all things incredible. Artefacts from a lifetime of adventuring, treasures taken from lost civilisations and a frankly staggering wine cellar, the manor has it all.

A masquerade ball, fine cuisine, fantastic prizes and a mysterious announcement are just some of what is promised. Royalty and celebrities have come from far and wide to rub shoulders with the legends of the League.

Of course, not everything may go according to plan as after all, all good things must come to an end.

OOC Information This year, Obsidian Arcana will be running our first weekend-length game! Appropriate for both regular players and newcomers, this event will offer mystery, mayhem and a chance to fully immerse yourself in a world of pulp fantasy.

Date: Friday 10th November - Sunday 12th November Ticket Price: £85 Deposit: £20

Your ticket price will cover a fully catered weekend with accommodation at Deeside House in the Yorkshire Dales. Players will be responsible for arranging their own transport.

Sign-ups are now open! To secure your place, please follow this link and pay your deposit;

If you would prefer to pay in person, please contact Luke Butcher or Georgia Soden to arrange a suitable time to exchange cash such as a Saturday LARP.