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It is mostly agreed that humanity has walked Ether for approximately 3,000-3,5000 years. The first written records of mankind are dated to their time as slaves to the ancient Naraxian Empire.

Since then humanity has taken great strides forward most notably with the First Great Empire of Otthermain, which unified humanity and protected them through some of their greatest trials.

What follows has been put together from the various records and artefacts excavated across the world.

Lexicon: BA: Before Ascension. PA: Post Ascension.

Ancient History

Pre 12,000BA: Time of the Shining Ones. The Shining Ones are a race that is not fully accepted by either the historic and scientific community. This title is given to anything found the predates the Naraxians although popular opinion is that anything which 'predates' Naraxian ruins is simply an older form of Naraxian civilisation.

12,000BA-2,000BA The Naraxian Empire. The Naraxians were a technologically advanced race whose empire appears to have covered the entirety of Ether. Early humanity or 'Darax' were enslaved by the more powerful Naraxians. Their technology massively outmatched anything engineers have been able to construct in the modern age and their knowledge of the sciences remains unparalled. Unfortunately whatever cataclysm exterminated their race also claimed many records of their achievements. Historians cannot agree on what brought the Naraxian Empire to ruin and what event lead to the extinction of this ancient and powerful race.

2,500BA-2,000BA Decline of Naraxian Civilisation. Whatever remains of the Naraxian Empire fragments and falls to internal conflict as the race dwindles into extinction. Humanity recovers from its period of slavery under the Naraxians and forms simple social groups that grow in complexity until they begin to form proto-civilisations. The most notable exception is the Attisian Empire who, having overthrown their Naraxian masters in a bloody revolt, managed to maintain a civilisation and much of their technology.

2,000BA Exinction of the Naraxian Race. Records indicate that the last of the Naraxian remnants died during this time.

Bronze Age

2,000BA-1,000BA Bronze Age of Humanity. Humanity spread across the known world and existed as warring tirbes. This period is marked by the prevalence of bronze weaponry partly due to manufacturing techniques and also in its usefulness against daemon tainted creatures that roam the world. Dragons are hunted to extinction during this period. It is during this time that Pelath ascended to Godhood.

1000BA, The Rise of Otthermain: Otthermain, the future God Emperor, becomes head of his clan. He wages a bloody war of conquest from his homeland in the mountains to the western coast. His tribe have the unique advantage of iron weaponry though historians are unsure how Otthermain's people were more technologically advanced than the rest of the world at that time. Otthermain revolutionises warfare with the invention of unit combat and primitive artillery.

970BA: Otthermain's clan has conquered most of what will become the Imperial Heartland but feeling age encroaching Otthermain travels back to the Eastern Mountains. He takes only his Sword Brothers with him of whom none will return. He leaves his eldest daughter, Matheriam in charge of the Empire whilst his sons are charged with guarding the borders. In this time the nascent Empire barely expands. Under Matheriam's rule many advances are made both in warfare and agricultural technologies.

965BA: Otthermain returns from the Mountains. He is the only survivor of the great quest. A changed man, he looks young and strong once again. He also wielded incredible powers that rival those of the gods. In the time he was gone his wife had passed away and so Otthermain takes Matheriam's hand to keep the bloodline pure.

965-950BA: After consolidating his borders, Otthermain once again begins to expand his empire. He takes the two approaches of diplomacy and warfare. Those who refuse to join the nascent empire are crushed underfoot. Those that join are able to enjoy the bounties of the Empire.

The First Empire of Mankind

950BA: By this Time the Empire of Ott is established. It spreads across all the known lands. From the Great Desert to the North, to the Southern Ice Plains. Otthermain begins to build fleets of warships to take him to lands far abroad. On smaller ships diplomats and emissaries are sent, to offer whatever nations they find a chance to join with the Empire, or suffer the consequences of rejection.

945BA: The fleet sets sail. Otthermain himself decides to stay, instead sending his descendants to gain honour and glory. As was his wont, he decreed that the daughters of his line may not join with any man bar himself to keep the blood pure. It was during this time that the Darkwest colony was established.

945-800BA: The Empire of Ot expands across the world. Technologies are advanced and the people at the heart of the Empire enjoy a standard of living unheard of before. Slaves are brought in from afar as well as many luxury goods. It is around this time that Otthermain ceases his expansion.

800-500BA: Peace reigns across the Empire. Technologies advance at a steady rate, New methods of Irrigation and agriculture are developed as are new styles of weapon, armour, siege weapons and warfare. More and more of the populace begin to revere and worship Otthermain rather than the distant Gods. Otthermain forms monastic groups to tend to the population of his Empire and also to appease the Gods. These groups would form the basis of his Church later. Otthermain rewards his greatest generals and sons by allowing them to form their own Noble Houses. He tithes land to each House for them to govern in his name. Small rebellions in the outer provinces of the Empire are swiftly put down and the people of the Empire enjoy a relatively peaceful and fruitful existence.

500-495BA: The Mage War: Until the dawning of the Mage War, arcanists were executed under Imperial law. Deemed too dangerous to live by Otthermain's decree they were killed the moment they were identified. Those who survived did so outside of civilisation or practised their arts in secret until the coming of Kaelannon. One man's crusade almost brought the Empire to its knees for five long years until the rebellious arcanists were finally defeated outside the walls of Ott on the Night of Thunders.The Arcane Inquisition is founded.

495-30BA: The Great Peace

The Great Peace was a renaissance for the Empire. Great thinkers and philosophers flourished. Culture and the arts took great bounds forward. Education of the populace increases and the Imperial University is founded. The sciences also take great bounds forward, the discovery of Prima pushes alchemy into new territories, and the arts of astronomy and astrology begin to be explored. The first Council of Nobles is founded as a way to debate and settle disputes peacefully and also as a way of bringing the concerns of Otthermain's subjects to him.

The Godwar

30-1BA: The Beginning of the Godwar.

The Empire of Ot permitted the worship of many gods but over time some gods became more favoured than others. Even with the efforts of the monastic orders Otthermain had founded some of the older Gods grew jealous of the human deities. As they had more worshippers and were more revered, thus they had a greater place in the Divine Halls. Hostilities between the gods were not nothing new and religious conflict was a constant problem in the Empire. With little else to be done the most the Empire could hope for was a stalemate where the Gods continued to be unwilling to take up arms. In 30 BA, that changed. A cadre of Old Gods came to Ether and began to destroy those who worshipped the Gods they envied. Angels and Devils headed armies that marched on those who worshipped the Pantheon of Man. Entire nations were wiped from Ether. Otthermain raised armies to fight those of the Old Gods but no mortal could stand against the divine; not even him. The Gods that remained in the Divine halls refused to come to Ether to fight their wayward brethren. Some granted their aid in whatever way they could but it was not enough.

25BA: Otthermain, seeing that there was no way he could win the war even with all his power, travels to the Underworld. He strikes a deal with Pelath where he will return a thousand of mankind's greatest champions from the dead in return for a future service. Whilst Otthermain returns to the field with his reinforcements, Pelath travels to the Divine Halls where many of the Gods have fallen. He manages to convince the remaining deities to come to Ether to stop their renegade brothers. The armies of the Empire are bolstered with impossible power as the Divine Halls empty. It is during this time Otthermain journeys over the mountains for a second time.

15BA: Otthermain returns from the mountains and begins a great ritual. He begins a new state Religion, focused on the worship of himself. Recalling all his descendants from across the world, the Emperor begins preparations for his ascension as the Great Rite begins. Much of the Empire lies in ruin as the Imperial forces fall back to the heartlands.

1BA/0PA: The God War Ends: The legions of the Old Gods lay siege to the Imperial heartlands as Otthermain concludes his fifteen year long ritual. The mass sacrifice of his entire bloodline, now spanning dozens of generations, fuels his apotheosis and the God Emperor is born. More powerful than any force seen before he almost singlehandedly turns the tide of the God War. Those few Old Gods who are not slain escape into the realm now called 'Hell'. Otthermain travels to the Divine Halls and takes his place at the head of the Pantheon whilst the divine order reasserts itself. With countless thousands dead and their leader no longer amongst them, the Empire begins to collapse.

Birth of the Free Nations Alliance

0-50PA: Civil war breaks out amongst the nations of the Empire and the Imperial powers that remain. With little in the way of military power having survived the God War, the conflict threatens to stagnate and eventually the Empire would simply disintegrate. The Imperial Houses consolidate their power and propose the foundation of a grand council. This council would ensure the needs of each nation were recognised and from the ashes a new order would rise. The Imperial Houses set themselves at the head of the council and would later become known as the Noble Houses.

50-75PA: The Council defends itself from numerous attacks, all the while developing its own lands and technology. The Guilds are formed to regulate and promote growth and slowly the necessity of a trained working class was recognised. These tradesmen and engineers were the first of what became the 'middle class'.

75-100PA: The 'Empire' expands and begins pursuing treaties with other nations who have survived the God War. They offer assistance to the worst affected countries and incentives such as new agricultural technology. By 100PA the Council declares themselves the head of the new Free Nations Alliance.

100-195PA: A period of relative peace and expansion of the Free Nations Alliance. Most of this century is spent rebuilding and implementing the new technologies across the relatively outdated former Empire.

195PA: The invention of the steam engine by Harold Daws.

195-250PA: A period of industrial revolution follows the invention of the steam engine. Almost every industry is affected by the change as mass production becomes a reality. Farms are now able to vastly increase their output as are countless other forms of industry. The first railways are constructed between the Imperial Houses and then further, eventually connecting the Free Nations in a way never thought possible.

234PA The Guild of Exploration and Adventure is founded.

Saga One: Dark Legacies



  • The Ashen Clergy oversee a vast ritual intended to strengthen the walls between the Underworld and this one, making the creation of undead infinitely more difficult. The ritual appears to be a success and all observed forms of undead cease to exist.
  • The Seal of Otthermain cracks. The resultant explosion damages the Pyramid of Ot and leads to widespread panic. An unusual portal circle is discovered beneath the Seal although it is only used once by the original League of Adventure who are never seen again excluding Doc Paradox, Man Of Adventure.


  • The Progenitor first appears and takes control of the Kingdom of Macia. The Duke of Raynia weds the surviving member of the Marenburg royal family and becomes regent of the neighbouring country.
  • An ancient race of undead are awoken in the Northern Desert. Called the Attisians they immediately conquer the nearby Tribelands and many of the Northern Kingdoms. The Attisian War begins. The War Council is established and takes power until this state of emergency is resolved.
  • Gunpowder is discovered by Victor and Victoria Tempest. Flintlock technology is hastily developed and deployed to the Attisian front with little success.


  • A Naraxian weapon claims the lives of hundreds as a House Herecal town is destroyed.
  • After a year of bloody conflict with countless dead, the Attisian forces beat a hasty retreat into the north. Over the following weeks reports of inert undead are received from scouts until it is announced a covert team was sent in behind enemy lines to assassinate the Attisian Godhead. The Attisian War is declared over and there are celebrations throughout the Free Nations.

Saga Two: Heralds of Tomorrow

Heralds of Tomorrow.png


  • The War Council

The War Council continue to conduct military exercises and insist on remaining a governing body untill the external threat of the Attisians is confirmed to have been removed. Through use of emergency powers the War Council claims increasingly more power from the Council of Nobles. Their become more draconian and militaristic.

Before a civil war breaks out, many supporters of the War Council withdraw under a cloud of suspicion. The War Council is disbanded and the most outspoken members are put on trial for war crimes and treason against the Alliance.

  • Ruan's Rebellion

Archdeacon Ruan of the Church of Ot oversees a campaign of geomantic sabotage. This culminates in a ritual that diverts massive amounts of essence into the ancient foundations of the city. After tremors and earthquakes rock the city, the Great Pyramid of Ot implodes in a burst of magical energy which leaves a seemingly bottomless chasm in the Central Plaza. To this day an aurora of magical essence hangs above the chasm.

Ruan is captured and arrested thanks to a group of adventurers. He is beheaded after being found guilty of treason against the Alliance, still claiming that an angel of the Transcendent Emperor commanded him.

  • The Exodus:

In the aftermath of Ruan's madness and the continued silence of their god, the Church of Otthermain begin the Exodus. Those who undertake the perilous journey believe that Otthermain awaits them on the other side and that the historically impassable mountains are a test of their faith. Those wealthy enough to afford passage journey aboard vast zeppelins commissioned especially for the pilgrimage whilst a great many travel on foot. Over three hundred thousand pilgrims join the Exodus and disappear into the foothills of the mountains.


  • The Wormwood Event -

A magical blast destroys the town of Wormwood in New Mortuum. Professor Nestor Kline, a noted historian and cultist of the Divine Shadow, is blamed for the blast after constructing a chronium bomb with the intent of annihilating the entire nation of New Mortuum. Whilst the detonation only destroys the town, numerous unusual phenomena are reported afterwards.

  • The Macian Revolution -

The Progenitor is overthrown by his own people following his genocidal campaign of Melding. It is later uncovered by the Free Nations that he had been imprisoning citizens and converting them to fuel a deranged ritual for ascension. An interim goverment is established although there are rumours of a strange affliction gripping the remaining populace.


  • The Battle of Callahan's Rise - An unprecedented army of demons attack Callahan's Rise. The assault is repelled at great cost to both sides with claims that that a legendary Demon Prince had been destroyed.
  • In response to the support received by the Tribelands and their apparent neglect by the Free Nations, the Northern Kingdoms secede. Neighbouring nations begin widespread militarisation in fear of invasion.
  • Civil War - Free Nations forces invade Crucible. The Secession War begins.

Age of Insurrection



  • The Covenant make themselves known. A series of hi-tech terrorist attacks plague the unstable Free Nations.
  • Crucible secedes from the Free Nations, making a huge impact on the war. Without the weapons produced by the industrial capital of the world, the tide begins to turn against the Free Nations.
  • House Herecal and their newly formed Heretech division conquer the island of Velenia.
  • The Northern Kingdoms are invaded by the Free Nations after a year-long stalemate.


  • Secessionist revolutionaries storm the Otthian Basilica in Garance. Their attempt to coerce the country into joining the war fail and many of the collaborators escape.
  • An expedition into the Great Desert uncovers the lost city of Nekhen. Nekris-Ka, a powerful Attisan and creator of the necropoli, was imprisoned beneath the city thousands of years ago and cursed to eternal incarceration. Almost released by the Covenant, the precise location is stricken from all Free Nation records and the ruins demolished that nobody ever find it.
  • Ytesium reports an increasing number of attacks by Sidhe forces. The Sidhe Offensive begins.


  • The Exodus Returns -A number of garrisons in the north suddenly go quiet. Fearing a surprise offensive by Secessionist forces, a subsequent investigation reveals that survivors of the Exodus have returned wielding incredible power. Led by a council of twelve Magisters, they bring the reborn God Emperor Otthermain with them - now a young child. The Magisterium opt to remain neutral during the war and instead claim the tiny nation of the C'Mell as their own.
  • The League Falls - The Free Nations authorities and Herecal troops enact a simultaneous attack on the League headquarters and Triumph Tower under the pretence of a important meeting. At the same time, Heretech forces seize The Arcane Academy. The attacks are justified as a police action and the League are branded as Secessionist sympathisers. Those who survived are relocated to a secret underwater facility owned by Triumph called the 'Aegis'.
  • Arkadia Burns - Secessionist intelligence leads members of the rebellion to Ytesium where the Free Nations deployed the Terminus weapon. A highly advanced weapon of mass destruction, the Terminus burns northern Ytesium to the ground. The Sidhe Offensive is defeated and those who survive retreat to Threshold.
  • Massive clouds of ash and smoke blanket the north from the burning of Ytesium. As a result Vykeria is now under a state of perpetual twilight they call the Long Night. They report a massive increase in Basserak attacks as well as other, more ancient evils.
  • House Isiset defects to the Secessionist cause. They are subsequently invaded by House Herecal and their assets seized.
  • The Ghost Dance - The Free Nations offensive in the north is shattered by the forces of the Tribelands. Calling upon their ancestral totem spirits, they render the technological domination of the army useless. Casualties number in the thousands as airships fall from the skies and the infantry are cut down by the tribesfolk. The Free Nation Army begins a fighting retreat through the Northern Kingdoms.
  • The ancient fortress of Gehenna is consumed in a gigantic explosion. Having been used as the headquarters for the Heretech Division, League members infiltrated the facility and overloaded the power core. They report witnessing inhumane experimentation within as well as re-purposing Sidhe biology, Naraxian technology and rituals of the Divine Shadow.
  • The Siege of Ot - The Secessionist forces invade Ot. The rebels are credited with almost single-handedly breaking the siege by forcing the Free Nations' High Command to surrender. Investigation of the super-structure above the Rift reveals the Heretech were in the process of building a huge inter-dimensional gateway through which they could summon reinforcements from an alternate reality. House Herecal forces either surrender or retreat to their ancestral homeland.
  • Macian Occupation comes to an end. The Duke of Raynia, his inner circle and a fortune in taxes disappear.
  • The Secession War ends.
  • The Constitution of the Federated Nations is signed. The Federated Nations are formed.

Saga Three: Brave New World


Abraham Steel is elected as the first President of the Federated Nations.

  • A Covenant base is discovered beneath Skyport. The League are dispatched to investigate a series of terrorist attacks on Expedition preparations. During which they uncover a Covenant plan to empty the Soaring Heights Bank and replace the bullion with alchemically tainted duplicates.
  • Shortly after their arrival, the League save Excelsior from volcanic disaster. A magma reactor threatens to cause an eruption until shut down and the angered spirit of the volcano is destroyed.
  • Less than a month before the expedition is due to leave, Excelsior is threatened by revolution. A faction of Storm Children, led by a figure named Rex, attempt to shoot down Enterprise using the city's own defence system. The League stop Rex's insane scheme during which he is revealed to be a sophisticated automaton of unknown origin.
  • Landfall - An advance team of adventurers are shipwrecked on Twilight Isle, a small landmass off the coast of Darkwest. With the rest of the fleet in peril of meeting the same fate, these brave pioneers make their way inland and discover a plethora of species as well as descendants of Imperial stock called the Servants of the Blind King. Imprisoned by these heretics, the League make their escape and conquer the Imperial fortress in which they made their lair.

259 PA:

  • During a Technocratic weapons test on the Darkwest mainland, the League fought assassins, the wildlife and a mysterious devil called the Protean. They wounded the being with an experimental mana bomb and returned to Twilight Isle with more questions than answers.
  • The League are summoned by a mysterious beacon to face judgement. The Trueborn, actual descendants of Otthermain himself, are revealed as the third faction in the Darkwest and force the League to prove themselves. After battling with the shadowy One Eyed Men and a being called the Devourer, the League are 'permitted' to remain though the Trueborn warn them against any further interference.
  • Scholars allied with the League uncover the location of the first Imperial colony in the Darkwest. Upon further exploration, the grim fate of the Empire's expedition is revealed as are the origins of the shadowy One Eyed Men. A new element is discovered, possessing psychoactive properties. It is named Thulium after the settlement visited by the League.
  • An army of Vassals descend upon Twilight Isle. The land itself rises up as a storm shrouds the Keep, the siege lasting hours before the League sally forth and defeat an aspect of the Blind King made manifest. As the Vassals retreat they are decimated by the Trueborn who take advantage of their diminished state.
  • At the behest of the Magisterium, the League explore the lost colony of Stryx in search of Imperial relics. Hidden in catacombs beneath the city and behind a legion of huge spiders, they retrieve three artefacts of the ancient world.
  • The Federated Nations unleash the Terminus weapon upon the Darkwest to kill the Blind King. The retrofitted 'Purification Drive' fails to end the deity and his retribution is swift and terrible. The League are pursued back to Twilight Keep and from there, the evacuation is sounded. Only a skeleton crew of FNA and League members remain whilst the rest flee to Excelsior.
  • The Black Vault, apocryphal repository of dread artefacts collected by the Inquisition, is opened to the League. Facing down the horrors within, they emerge victorious with a Kaelannon Device in their possession.
  • Returning to a Darkwest torn apart by conflict, the League assault Ultima and force the uncaring Trueborn from their city. Turning the power of the ancient edifice into a vast binding ritual, the Blind King is trapped into his island prison. For the first time in millennia, the sun reaches the shores of the Darkwest. With their work done and the Old God's invasion averted, the League return home.

Saga Four: Time of Legends

  • A group of League, both old and new, are sent to the backwater hamlet of Rottenburg to investigate a series of disappearances. The cause is revealed to be a Covenant cell attempting to create mechanical duplicates to infiltrate the Federated Nations.
  • Minotte, a ghost town in the Southern Territories, is finally cleansed of demonic corruption. Two hundred years ago, the citizens bartered their souls for wealth and comfort to a demon called the Mayor. A brave and pious chaplain named Mordecai succeeded in loosening the demon's claim but in a fit of pique, the infernal creature dragged the town and all the people into the ground. This stalemate was finally broken by the League who fought the demon and freed the souls of Minotte to reach their final peace.
  • The League become the first Astralnauts to successfully enter the dream of another. William Cutler, former Free Nations Army now terrorist, detonates explosives across Harfax but is incapacitated before the location of his third device is revealed. Adventurers are introduced into his subconscious through groundbreaking neuromantic methods and the final bomb is successfully disarmed through their efforts.
  • During their visit to Excelsior, the League are brought in to investigate missing children at the whimsical 'Bertie Bears Burger Factory'. Hunted by automatons intent on celebrating any birthday, they uncover the dark secret at the heart of the restaurant. The company founder, Eldon Fray, has been harvesting the organs of children for decades to prolong his own existence. After discussing the nature of life and death with the monstrous creature, the League send Eldon to his judgement.

260 PA

  • Whilst searching for the abducted debutante Mercy Mellwynn, the League are captured and forced to engage in a series of brutal pit fights. The Black Rose bandit company coerce the brave adventurers to participate in a grand competition attended by criminals, slavers and assorted scum. Making the most of an aberrant's explosive outburst, the League quickly make their escape and avenge themselves upon the bandit leader - only to discover that the real mastermind was Mercy herself who vanished with the spoils.
  • President Steel passes the Sanction Act. This legislation is a code of conduct for the Attuned working with the League. In wake of the League's record regarding Aberrancy, a SIGIL squad is assigned to oversee them.
  • Following attacks against the Bison Tribe, the League are sent to aid their northern allies. Instead of the Herecal remnant forces they were expecting, they clashed with members of the recently revived Dragon Tribe. These lunatics had cobbled together a War Dragon battlecraft from wrecks around the Tribeland and pillaged the surrounding nations for tribute to the totem spirit, Dragon. Chasing the 'vehicle' across the wastes, the League were victorious in combat against their leader, Immolatus.
  • Branden the Brave, Sidhe and Lord of Threshold, invite the League to a summit in order to discuss the future of their two worlds. Such a gathering of Dreaming and emissaries of the Waking World was unprecedented and tensions ran high. Subjects discussed ranged from the nature of the Sidhe to the Terminus Event but it was eventually decided by Branden to keep the gate between the worlds guarded but open to all. There was troubling news from the Deep Dreaming as apparently the vast, ancient First Nightmares are changing or vanishing completely...
  • An outbreak of plague brings the League to Hurstmire in Vykeria. There they help undo the mistakes of Dr. Poligari, a scientist that inadvertently unleashed the Zarovich Virus upon the denizens of the valley. So named for the castle in which it was developed, this plague turns those infected into psychotic monsters with traits of the dreaded Basserak. As the League fought to quarantine this disease they encountered the Order of the Final Nights, a nihilistic cult of nobles and knights seeking to hasten the end of the world. Their efforts were thwarted and the League were triumphant though nothing could be done for those already infected.
  • The sarcophagus of Katha-hem, an Attisan lich, is opened in the desert city of Kubna. Her curse manifests in the form of three undead, each with terrible powers; the Voice, the Breath and the Heart of Katha-hem. For every person slain, the lich grows in power. The League are involved after an inscription on the casket lid names them directly - a curious detail considering the sarcophagus is over 200 years old. Katha-hem's curse and eventually the lich herself are destroyed by the League although questions remain.
  • A squad of Triumph Enterprise's ETD division fail to return from an expedition to a Naraxian facility. Adventurers are assembled to follow them to what turns out to be an ark of sorts, intended to preserve the Naraxian Empire beyond its collapse. Fighting their way through the vicious automata of the resident artificial intelligence, they find Tesla locked in a battle of wills with the construct. After assisting her in destroying the consciousness, itself a creation of True Magic, the technomancer's consciousness becomes one with the machine. Agreeing to work with Triumph and the Arcane Inquisition, Tesla continues to help push the boundaries of science from her new 'office'.
  • Whilst searching for missing civilians, the League are lured into a trap by Hieronymus Blackstone, a brilliant villain with a decades old grudge against adventurers. Using the missing people as bait, the League were brought to Millhollow Keep, a haunted and cursed place by reputation. In reality, the place was a decrepit ruin which Blackstone had transformed into a gauntlet of horror and pain through stagecraft and trickery. The League triumphed and despite Blackstone's claims to their inhumanity, brought him to justice.
  • The League infiltrate the island hideaway of Lucian King, wealthy noble and arms dealer, to prevent his sale of dangerous weapons. Despite their cunning ruse they are captured and tortured by King's lackeys; Jaws and Flay before staging a daring escape and arresting King. Whilst his collection of high-tech weaponry was impressive, it was the contents of his safe which proved the most dangerous - a copy of the most potent demonological text in existence. Whilst the arms dealer will spend most of his natural life behind bars, the secrets within those yellowed pages hint at a greater threat still to come.
  • The Covenant threaten to choke the city of Skyport under a cloud of ash from their secret installation off the coast. Unless the Federated Nations submit to their demands, Doctor Nine will unleash the might of the Terminus Weapon (having been smuggled out of the Darkwest) against innocent people. The League are dispatched to sneak onto the island and prevent the launch. What they find are lobotomized monkeys, submarine installations, a rift in time and an utterly dysfunctional Terminus. Doctor Nine is beaten to a pulp and arrested by the triumphant heroes.
  • Deep below the swamps of the Desolate Moor, an ancient civilization is discovered. Aquatic humanoids bearing a resemblance to the monstrous Krotoa, they abduct a trio of children from the nearby town of Murkville and the League are sent to investigate. Amidst the cyclopean ruins beneath the earth they encounter living constructs of coral, mysterious relics and an entirely new species! The children are rescued and much scientific interest is diverted to the site although the inhabitants have fled to the briny depths, the remains of their settlement puzzle academics.
  • Once more into darkness, the League return to the Darkwest. Pawns of the Blind King were furthering his ends, bringing his works to Imperial shores, smuggling them to those loyal to the Old God. Investigating reports of corruption and criminality within Sterling Enterprises, the League led simultaneous raids against the operation and brought it down. Unfortunately, they bore witness to the return of Harbinger - now a three headed serpent - as well as a reminder of the dangers to be found on that dark continent.
  • Stumbling into a buried Naraxian prison, the League are forced to relive the same hour over and over - awaking without any memory of before and relying only on mysterious notes from their previous attempts to escape. Staging a dramatic escape they discover that their real bodies were safe and sound whilst their current forms were doppelgangers, used by the arcane intelligence ARC to examine mankind for weaknesses. Freeing themselves and ending the cycle of torture, ARC hints at the existence of other facilities before escaping.

261 PA

  • The League travel to the jungles of Tawan to help an ogrish friend of the League to find his missing people. Whilst there, they encounter the malevolent forces of the Attisans and their new leader, Nekris Ka. An expedition of the undead seek to add the elemental powers of ogres to their ranks but are thwarted by nature and the League who free the survivors and put the ancient dead to rest - with violence.
  • Ragnarok Light and Power, driven to desperate ends by their misfortune, open a portal to Hell - the prison of the Old Gods. Their search for unlimited, free energy comes with an obvious price as damned souls flood their offshore facility, threatening to drag the rest of the world back into damnation. The League succeed in slaughtering their way through hordes of devilish forsaken and shut the portal, ending the company's evil once and for all.
  • A shroud of terrifying darkness envelopes Bertieland, a theme park intended to bring joy to the masses but corrupted by the influence of a First Dream; Dread. This primordial nightmare twists the park into a sinister playground of malevolence, turning screams of joy to just screaming. Sent in to save those trapped within, the League force Dread back into the Deep Dreaming through the oldest of forces - hope.
  • An organisation opposed to the League stage a series of elaborate diversions for their members. Centurion's Rise, the resting place of the Noble Thousand, is taken hostage by a mad bomber and from there the situation only gets worse. Whilst the League are successful in saving the building and bringing justice, the Society leave them with wounds not easily healed.
  • In their hunt for the Society, the League stumble into the eternal land of Thandrun, a realm kept in a constant cycle of undeath by the compact of an ancient god. The Red Providence Players inadvertently opened a door to that place by performing the lost play 'Infinem Omnia' and trapping the audience and themselves in this purgatory. As the lines between fiction and reality blurred, the League made the fateful decision to liberate the souls by shattering the cycle - ending the story as they became the Nameless Doom.
  • Amber Maze returns to the site of one of her first adventures, the Crystal Falls, only to find that her nemesis - Dr. Damien Grail - survived their encounter decades ago and has finally discovered the site of the fabled fountain of youth. After battling their way through the Doctor's hired goons and the defences of the ancient temple, they uncover the dwindling pool of renewal and Lady Amaze restores her youth a final time.
  • Summoned to the forlorn land of Raynia, the League investigate rumours up uprising in Rheinacht. What they find are the forces of the Duke of Raynia, led by the twisted Sir Raynalt Gaunt, Knight of the Drake. Continuing the work of his master in order to usurp it, Sir Raynalt continues to excavate mysterious ruins beneath the keep to some forgotten god. Now revealed to be an inhuman monster they destroy his forces but are unable to defeat the abomination itself, leaving it a broken wretch.
  • Starfall- During a League celebration; Lady Amaze, Jonas Bartleby, Percival Smythe and Erasmus Black are assassinated by a Shining One device. Further investigation and the appearance of Cassius Cordo reveals that a Luan, the true name of the Shining Ones, has attempted to murder the entire League for reasons as yet unknown. Whilst the leadership has been destroyed, the League endures.
  • Journeying to the borders of Kha'at, the League discover a clan of Highlanders under the sway of demonic forces. Plunging deeper into their hillside fortress, the adventurers uncover a source of limitless Seepage - a fissure leading into the dreaded realm of Sheol. Within days there are reports that the fractures are spreading dramatically and strange effects have begun.

Saga Five: Strange Aeons

  • At the End of the World - The force behind the mysterious fractures proves too much for reality to bear and in a cataclysmic series of events, the world comes to an end. Time and matter unravel as the League fight their way through the end of days during which they see the Divine Halls sundered and the Song of Creation come to an end. Making a heroic last stand against the demonic forces, now unbound by causality, they are wrenched from impending oblivion and taken to the year 797BA. Surrounded by battle they aid the legendary High General Ultima Herecal to repel an invasion of krotoa-like beings with incredible weapons and fight their way to a defensible valley they name Sanctuary. Now trapped in the past and without a future, the League learn they were brought here by the sacrifice of a Shining One, or as they call themnselves the Luan. Tasked with stopping the paradox before it tears creation apart, the League are tomorrow's best hope.
  • Following the cryptic advice of the followers of Marduk, the God of Invention, the League chase the 'bastard son of darkness' to ancient Vykeria. There in the voivode of Anton Moldovan they uncover the spreading corruption of the basserak and encounter Malignus, a broken shell of a man who peered beyond time and inadvertent pioneer of demonology. Brought here by the enigmatic Eliakim, Malignus is nearly put to death by the League before sparing his life for the sake of the future and chase down Eliakim in his subterranean lair. Much to their shock, the adventurers discover that Eliakim is none other than the Duke of Raynia - apparently immortal and the last survivor of a tribe born beyond the mountains in a place called the First City. Alone in the world, Eliakim has dedicated himself to studying the human condition and agrees to help defeat the Hylor in return for the League's service in recovering an artifact. Agreeing to his terms they venture into a village lost to time and retrieve a Luan artifact from the undying clutches of Elena Dimir, a seer who misused the item for the gain of her house. Their end of the bargain fulfilled, Eliakim returns to Sanctuary to assist in understanding their mutual enemy.
  • Hylorian refugees approach the League offering support and information on their enemy, the Betrayer. In return they ask the League liberate their leader, Salvus, from a prison camp hidden in the Desolate Moor. When they arrive they encounter a warrior-priestess of the Dominion named Riadhi Emberime, an ancestor of members of the League who has been manipulated by the Inquisitor in Chains to betray them. The League are captured by the Hylorian forces and make their escape, discovering that the purpose of the camp was not only to house political prisoners but to extract and destroy the souls of mages. Wreaking havoc throughout the facility they flee just as an immense War Engine teleports above the camp and annihilates the site. Salvus and his followers return to Sanctuary and provide valuable intelligence regarding their people's history and the role of the Betrayer.
  • The First City - Acting on information provided by Salvus and Eliakim, the League attempt to cross the mountains to a mythical place called the First City. Journeying by a portal circle protected by an ancient order of Drakenheim they arrive in an ancient ruined city decimated by war with the demons. Exploring this alien place they discover many truths including the true nature of the Shining Ones who were the first race to populate Ether and created life. Actually called the Luan, these angelic beings were responsible for the Naraxians and other sapient races with the notable exception of Elementalbloods who are referred to as 'Children of Titans'. Fighting through ancient wards and vestiges of the demonic legions which laid waste to this place, they reach the Pillars - a site visited by Otthermain and source of his supernatural powers. It is here the League meet the Librarian, one of the Gul'jinn and avatar of the starsign of the same name. This entity reveals that the Betrayer is a Luan named Vor'el and wishes to repair what it perceives as a broken world. Unfortunately it's actions will inevitably lead to the destruction of reality. The Gul'jinn provides humanity with an opportunity to defeat a being of prescience, that being that if the League can draw it's attention to a single point in time then the Gul'jinn can move it and them to a point where it will be separated from it's power. With that the audience is ended and the First City is lost again to myth and legend.
  • The Summit - A historic gathering of military and magical minds to decide the course of the war and how the League will build the forces they need to assault Hylor.
  • Approaching the first of their allies, the League journey to the Dominion and meet the Wolf Queen with hopes of gathering their considerable warhost for the coming battle. In order to prove themselves they are dispatched to cut the head from the Korvas march to the north and return with the head of a Lord of Flame, one of their demonic gods. On their way they are waylaid by the Inquisitor in Chains who has returned from the dissolution of the future to ensure the failure and suffering of Annabelle Greaves. Trapping them in an illusion within an illusion, the Inquisitor is ultimately defeated and destroyed but not before accidentally creating the first Demon Hunter - a young boy named Tycho. The League return triumphant to Trone where they are promised the support of the Dominion as well as a reward for the service done them by the Emberrime family.
  • The Battle for Hylor - An armada of Imperial ships carrying the Legion, the Dominion and Trueborn forces set sail for Hylor. The League make their way to the island with orders to cut the head from the beast - namely, the Luan Vo'rel. Bravely fighting their way through the chaos to the floating citadel of the rogue Luan, they are drawn across the ages - battling their foe through the God War to the modern day. With their victory comes the loss of four constellations, sacrificed to restart reality, however the League are triumphant and lauded as heroes. Furthermore the Hylorian people have spent the intervening time hiding beneath the waves awaiting this day to reach out towards the surface world - this time not as conquerors but allies.