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The time of the Free Nations has ended. Now a new government, founded on the principles of freedom and democracy must unite a broken world. The Secession War has left scars that may never heal. Science and industry have surged forwards in the wake of the first world war in history and now humanity must look beyond their borders for answers. A new age of exploration is dawning. What was old is new again and in the far reaches of the world, ancient mysteries await.

Welcome to the New World.

Welcome to the Obsidian Arcana Wiki!

Players Guide The main rules.

Ethernomicon I Rules for arcane and divine casting.

Ethernomicon II Additional rules for crafting.

League of Exploration and Adventure Guidebook I: Strange New World Rulesets for playable Sidhe, Brood and demonic pacts.

League of Exploration and Adventure Almanac, Volume I Guide to Vocations.

Character Creator, created by SF John (Requires Excel)

All artwork and fiction belongs to the respective artists